Daffodils: Hallmark of Spring!

If you are having a rainy day, I hope this yellow, blue and green composition cheers you up. It did me!

 Daffodils in a Blue Vase

2011 | 11 x 14 | oil on canvas | available

Pricing for this artwork, or similar commissioned work available upon request. Please contact the artist.

Daffodils wave their cheery little faces at us everywhere here in Southwest Washington, even if the rain keeps coming down.

Daffodils in a Blue Vase, original oil painting by Marie Wise

Allan loves daffodils, so I cut some and put them into a cobalt blue vase on our dining room table. After contemplating them for a week or so, I finally decide to paint them. Focusing solely on the paint helped relax and center me, and I forgot about everything else.

Here’s the actual set up, although this is in the dining room, and I painted in my studio, so much of it was done from memory.

Here are the painting stages, shot with my iPhone under flourescent daylight, so there’s some shift in color. But you can see the progression.

Initial block in with Permanent Magenta and Cobalt Blue mixed with thinner on a canvas I’d pre-gessoed and sanded smooth.

Daffodils in a Blue Vase - sketch on canvas

Starting to block in basic color shapes. Note: the green looks way greener here than it actually was. Blame the iPhone!

Daffodils in a Blue Vase - starting to block in on canvas

Finished block in. From here I refined the colors and added detail, resulting in the finished painting, above.

Daffodils in a Blue Vase - first block in