Art in the Pearl

Portland (Oregon) has an energized yet comfortable art scene. Art in the Pearl is the annual Labor Day arts festival in the northwest Portland Park blocks and we never miss it, rain or shine. I don’t recall there ever being any rain though, and this year’s weather was perfect; slight breeze and around 78 degrees.

What fascinated me the most were Andrew Carson’s kinetic wind sculptures. The colors were like a kaliedoscope swirling above my head in a constant round of joie de vivre that caused people around them to stare in awe, or frantically snap photos!

Oh how I’d love to have one in my yard. It would be the ultimate artistic branding to my smallish conventional home just outside the development that downtown folks call snob nob. Eyebrows would raise in this little town filled with big Chevy pickups, but our neighbors, who we have discovered appreciate and understand art, would say ‘well done’.

Other artists that caught my eye were: Marcia Hindman, whose abstract painting titled ‘Seattle’, captured the essence of Seattle (hint, it was done in tones of gray); Ann Munson who paints on paper then makes collaged paintings from it; and a new artist this year: Sheila Evans, who paints sensual organic florals. We chatted and discovered we both took art classes oh so long ago from Scott Patnode at Gonzaga University.