Primary Wind Commission ~ Part 3

Signing Yellow Wind

There is something satisfying about setting a completed painting to dry. It’s the culmination of a vision, a job well done, a feeling of accomplishment.

Thus it’s with joy that I sign my name to these three commissioned paintings: Red Wind, Yellow Wind and Blue Wind.

They will dry for one month before a coat of retouch varnish is applied, then I will ship them to the customer.

Finishing this commission gives me a chance to reflect on all the things I am grateful for;

  • for my father for encouraging me to explore art
  • for my husband for supporting my quest to become an artist
  • for my children for understanding and accepting me as an artist
  • for my customers for seeing value in the work I do
  • but most of all for the grace and dignity of having reached a time in my life when I can say I am proud of who and what I am!

Thus, I share with you part 3 of this commission, the drying of the paintings. May gentle winds dry these paints applied with love and care, so that they will remain beautiful for years to come!

Drying Table


Drying Table
Empty Easel