Five Wind Commission: Tonal Wind

Customers like to buy paintings they can see, that’s why it’s sometimes hard to decide on a commission. The artwork hasn’t been done yet, so they have to act on faith that it will turn out they way they want.

Yellow Wind by Marie Wise
Original Yellow Wind, 2008

I feel lucky because recently a customer liked several of my paintings so much they asked me paint them again–only larger. They could already see exactly what they were going to get, so the decision was made easier for them. As the artist, it was a joy to paint something I love—twice!

Quite unexpectedly this led to another customer liking one of the same wind paintings, only in a different color. Since the composition was pleasing to me the first time I painted it, it was fun to create this series of tonal variations of the same painting.

I’ve always heard that grays are challenging for even the most experienced artists. As I mixed and sorted through warm and cool variations of gray-grays, brown-grays, and blue-grays, I realized how much I was learning about grays. Creating a painting involves juggling an often elusive balance of value, line, color and composition. Knowing how grays work together helps me stay in balance.

Here are five tonal variations of my original painting, Yellow Wind. They are based on the idea of muted colors, stormy skies and less than blue-skies (except the blue sky variation). The impact of wild weather and wind swirling about the massive nacelle, nose cone and blades of a wind turbine high in the sky are what I hope to capture in the final painting, should the customer select this option. In any case, I feel good about each one of these studies!

Tonal Wind Study by Marie Wise
Warm Gray Wind
Tonal Wind Study by Marie Wise
Cool Gray Wind
Tonal Wind Study by Marie Wise
Warm Brown Wind
Tonal Wind Study by Marie Wise
Cool Brown Wind
Tonal Wind Study by Marie Wise
Blue Sky Wind