Primary Wind Commission ~ Part 4: Complete

Amy at UPS preparing the paperwork to ship my paintings to the customer

Ahhh, sitting with my glass of wine and contemplating the completion of a commissioned series of wind energy paintings that will bring a smile to people I have never met.

We are all connected together through energy, because who doesn’t use electricity? I live in a state in which my utility rates have just increased 18%. 18% percent! The reason, according to my local utility, is because the state of California is no longer going to purchase wind energy from Washington state. Instead, the Golden State will ramp up production of their own wind energy.

It makes me wonder, are they going to expand Altamont Pass, Tehachapi and San Gorgonia, the three primary wind energy producing areas? Or are they going to build brand new wind projects?

Or, is California going to buy their electricity from other states? The California state legislature committed to obtaining one-third of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. That’s a lot of electricity!

I’m glad to know that wind energy in Canada is on track to enjoy a record year in 2011. New installations represent almost $3.5 billion in investment and more than 13,500 jobs. We desperately need the same sort of job creation in our country. California, can you help us out? I know there are a lot of environmental regulations, but don’t you hold the Ace of spades in terms of jobs and energy independence?

I for one am glad to have had the job of creating these wind energy paintings. Now that the job is done, and I have applied the final varnish and delivered them to my local UPS store in Longview for shipment to the customer (as you can see below), I am sipping my glass of wine and saying to myself, ‘job well done’.

Thank you for following my blog. It’s an honor to share this commission process with you, and I couldn’t do it without…...electricity!

PS: a special thank you to Amy at the Longview (Washington) UPS store. She handled my paintings with extreme care and I am confident they will arrive in perfect condition!

Applying retouch varnish to Red Wind
Applying retouch varnish to Yellow Wind
Applying retouch varnish to Blue Wind
Delivering Red Wind to UPS for shipment to the customer
Delivering Yellow Wind to UPS for shipment to the customer
Delivering Blue Wind to UPS for shipment to the customer

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