Painting in Maui: 2011

Maui ~ the Garden Isle

Two Palms ~ Marie

Our days were filled with tropical hues, the kiss of sunshine and warm winds. Scents of gardenia, ginger and tuberose filled the air and brilliant blue skies matched the Pacific far below. Waves crashed upon the beach and birds babbled with abandon at the tourists, as if to say, haha, we get to stay here and you don’t!

Honoloa Bay ~ Marie

It was 10 days in Paradise. We forgot what cold, rainy Washington weather felt like and learned why ceiling fans are necessary in the tropics. I could easily have stayed another 10, and another, and another, but life called us home. That’s why they call it a vacation!

Our Trip to Maui on YouTube | Our Trip to Maui on Flickr

We painted; not as much as we’d planned, but exactly when we felt like it. I used watercolor and Allan used oil pastels on black paper. They captured what we felt–almost.

Bird of Paradise ~ Marie
Umbrellas by the Pool ~ Allan
Yellow Hibiscus ~ Marie

The Yellow Hibiscus is the official Hawaii State Flower!

Palm Trees ~ Allan
Yellow Hibiscus #2 ~ Marie
Honolua Bay ~ Allan
Honoloa Bay #2 ~ Marie
Palm Trees #2 ~ Allan
Helicona ~ Marie
Anthuriums ~ Marie


Allan and Marie in Paradise!