Cool Gray Wind Commission: Drawings

Cool Gray Wind

People seem to love my painting Yellow Wind. It’s one of three paintings in a series I call Primary Wind.

In 2011 I completed a commission that reproduced each painting in Primary Wind; only larger. It was a fun to recreate the paintings, considering I loved them the first time around. Here’s more about that commission.

Now I’m working on another commission based on just Yellow Wind, only in a different color scheme and with some changes to the design of the turbine.

The drawings below represent the start of this new commission called Cool Gray Wind. The customer already selected a cool gray color scheme – shown above. The other color variations can be seen at  5 Wind Commission: Tonal Wind.

Each drawing was done on tracing paper, and reflects a slight improvement to the shape of the nacelle (the power unit that sits atop the tower of a wind turbine). The design of the nacelle is uniquely different to each manufacturer.

Although I worked from photographs taken from various angles, the challenge was to create an accurate drawing both in perspective and engineering that would please the customer.

The next step will be to transfer the drawing to a canvas that has already been prepared, and then start painting. If I’ve gone through the drawing stages with care and dedication, which I think I have, the painting stage is the part I love best!

Here they are:

Cool Gray Wind: Drawing #1
Cool Gray Wind: Drawing #2
Cool Gray Wind: Drawing #3
Cool Gray Wind: Drawing #4
Cool Gray Wind: Drawing #5