Je Suis Toute (I Am Whole)

She is calm and whole in a green and peaceful place.

In Honor of Women Everywhere

Our lives are an assimilation of family, culture, beliefs and experiences, leading us to believe in what we are. Discovering one’s self can be easier for some, than for others. For me, the process seems more like eliminating what I am not, so I can understand what I am.

What a person is, is not always concrete, black and white, obvious. Hidden depths of long forgotten childhood experiences are part of each of us, even if we can’t remember what they are. Sometimes something feels familiar, but I don’t know why. It’s fleeting.

Maybe when I am older, much older, pieces of the puzzle that make up my life will fit together in obvious fashion. I’ll understand completely who I am. Right now it’s enough to feel whole based on the parts I can remember. I’m as complete as I can be, at this moment.

Je Suis Tout (I Am Whole).
Completed oil painting, (above) 22 x 28, oil on canvas.

Watercolor study, 9 x 12, watercolor on paper