Allan loves the lupines and we both love walking at the Port of Kalama. The trails stretch for more than a mile right alongside the Columbia River, and today was the most beautiful day we’ve had this year.

I admire urban sketchers and plein air painters; wishing I could be spontaneous enough to draw and paint outside like many of the artists I admire. Alas, I’m a studio painter mostly, but today Allan and I sketched for about an hour in a scenic spot looking over the Columbia River where the lupines are in full bloom. Scotch broom in the background made lovely complimentary contrast.

Lupines at the Port of Kalama by Marie

In his book Composition of Outdoor Painting Edgar Payne says the artist is in charge of translating nature–in other words–I can put whatever I want into my painting. Alors, a sailboat! It actually did sail by, only much earlier while we were walking; not while I was sketching.

My sketch was done with pencil, pen and watercolor on hot pressed Lanaquarelle watercolor paper. Allan favors the cold pressed, and he used oil pastels, not watercolor.

Lupines at the Port of Kalama by Allan

Lupines, commonly known as Lupins or lupines, genus in the legume family.

Cytisus scoparious, commonly known at Scotch Broom, is a perennial leguminous shrub.