Cool Gray Wind

Cool Gray Wind, original oil painting by Marie Wise
Cool Gray Wind

24 x 36, oil on canvas, commissioned

 What started out one year ago as a series of color explorations of a wind turbine in a stormy, wind-filled sky, has finally been completed in a commissioned painting.

A customer found my paintings online and inquired about commissioning a painting of a wind turbine. He liked my previous work, in particular the painting: Yellow Wind, one of a series of three paintings exploring primary colors.

But the color wasn’t right. He needed a certain muted color scheme to match the office decor. So I offered to paint five small studies in various tones of gray. They were fun to do and you can read about them at Five Wind Commission: Tonal Wind.

He selected Cool Gray Wind, which also happened to be one of my favorites because I love the muted blue grays. So we began the process of selecting the size, and clarifying the shapes and angles of what would become a particular model of a wind turbine. The shape had to be correct. He sent me lots of photos and I drew and redrew the composition, trying to make it as realistic as possible. It’s hard to draw something up high in the sky without actually seeing it. The customer was very patient and corrected my drawing several times, which I appreciated. You can see the versions (below).

Drawing #1
Drawing #2
Drawing #3
Drawing #4
Drawing #5 – Final

Finally we were ready for paint! Then came the holidays, then summer, then a vacation, then my trip to Paris. Alas, the three month time-frame I usually allow for a commission was well past. Thank goodness he was patient. I appreciate that very much, as the creative process is often unpredictable, time-wise.

Plus, I had several other paintings in the works, and I’m not one to focus on just one thing at a time, although I might get more done that way!

It took a while to settle down after Paris, but finally I got back into painting. It was almost like seeing an old friend ! And at last, I felt like it was finished. After some time to dry, I coated it with retouch varnish.  I use retouch varnish for commissioned works because I can’t wait six months for them to dry. The retouch allows the paint to continue curing, while providing protection and an even, shiny surface.

Applying retouch varnish
Applying retouch varnish

On September 8th I took it to UPS  where they wrapped it up with care and sent it on its way.

After all that time I felt like I’d lost a friend! Creating a painting is such a close and personal thing to me that letting go of can be like letting go of my child’s hand!

A few weeks ago I received an email from my customer. He was pleased!  We’ve never met but I’m happy he likes it. He said,

“Marie, my painting arrived yesterday afternoon. It looks great. I love it. I am getting (you are getting) lots of compliments. Thank you again.”

Sometimes commissions can take a long time, but this one was worth it. I hope my customer enjoys his painting as much as I did creating it.

Cool Gray Wind, original oil painting by Marie Wise
Cool Gray Wind