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I came up with the idea of a painting palette because they are curiously shaped and amenable to many design mediums.

Welded and painted artist’s palette wall plaque

Even though I’ve seen metal sculptures and many forms of metal art before, I never considered the welding process that goes into them until I met Sam.

Sam is a graduate of the welding program at the local community college where I live. He learned how to do all the types of industrial welding people need to get a job as a welder.

What intrigues me is not the industrial component, but rather Sam’s ability to take those skills and create artworks out of ugly pieces of metal.


Marie and Reni at the Studio Door
Marie and Reni at the Studio Door

I was flattered when Sam asked if he could create something ‘artistic’ for me out of metal. At first I had no idea, because my medium has always been pencil, paper, paint and canvas. In my mind, metal is cold, thick, heavy and ‘unpaintable.’ It’s used for bridges and ships, big stuff, not the kind of delicate and transparent work I do.

I came up with the idea of a paint palette because they are curiously shaped and amenable to many design mediums. I have a collection of palette pins I wear on my favorite denim jacket. My Pinterest site features a board on Artist Palettes. My art storage room contains probably two dozen palettes made from wood, plastic or glass that I’ve amassed over the years. I’ve always thought if I had the perfect palette, I could make the perfect painting!

Sam cut a palette shape out of metal and incised my name into it. I created the paint blobs with acrylic molding paste, spray painted the whole thing with primer, then applied many layers of acrylic paint to mimic the wood surface. Ironically, I used one of my wooden palettes as a model!

Now it graces the space above my front door. It’s a hidden alcove sort of area, but you can see it as you approach my aerie (studio/home). You can see Reni and I sitting in front of it (above).

I love it! Thanks, Sam, you are an artist at heart.

About Sam

Sam created a sculpture of books for the college, which is how I met him, because he told me the story of how he and the other students came up with the idea for it, and how they created it.

Sam gave me a tour of the welding shop and introduced me to the other welders. Here’s a photo album of them at work in the shop along with pictures pictures of their welded artworks.

Here’s a photo of Sam. He’s on the left.

And here’s the palette he made and I painted that now graces my entryway.