Siamese Cats for Christmas

Siamese CatEvery Christmas, it seems, I’m destined to paint cats! This year I was the secret Santa for a colleague who has two Siamese cats.

My friends know that they can’t escape being gifted with a painting. This year was the opportunity to practice my watercolor techniques. Since the gift was a secret, I couldn’t ask for photos to work from, so I Googled Siamese cats and found a lot of ideas.

Thus, I came up with five versions, one of which I kept because it was a duplicate.

Here’s the paintings I created, in the order they were done. Which one do you like best?

Compare with last year’s cat portraits  done in oil.

Cats #1 | 7 x 10 | watercolor


Cat #2 | 7 x 10 | watercolor


Cat #3 | 5 x 7 | watercolor


Cat #4 | 5 x 7 | watercolor


Cat #5 | 6 x 9 | watercolor
done on Twinrocker handmade watercolor paper