Cat on Blue, after my heart

2013 saw another rendition of my Cat on Blue theme.

This painting is very close to my heart. Patterned after my favorite cat Baby, who went to cat heaven in 2007, it’s a composition that seems to keep surfacing. It was originally inspired by a sketch of my cat sleeping, which led to a small painting, and then later inspired a mosaic.

Cat on Blue Silk

This is the most recent version, done after I began my mosaic exploration.

Cat on Blue Silk | 16 x 16 | oil on canvas.

I love the way the cat is sleeping in a ball on the fabric. I don’t know why, but I think it’s a painting worth a second look. Maybe it’s just my emotional connection. Animals have that ability–to make us stop and smell the roses–and take notice of what’s really important.

I hope you enjoy my cat. She’s sleeping in my heart.

Here’s the mosaic version

Cat on Blue Silk in Mosaic









Here’s the original Daily Painting  (painting done in one day) that inspired the series. I did it by sketching my cat as she slept. This is a  5 x 7 oil on panel. I love this painting too!