Stepping Stones & Sunflowers

If an artist was your friend, wouldn’t you expect to receive artwork by that artist, no matter how small, on your birthday? I hope so!

I like to give my friends, and family too, artwork on their birthday! I hope it’s something I’ll always be able to do.

Sometimes the artwork is an experiment with a new medium, sometimes it’s a continuation of a series I’m working on. But it’s always meant to convey how much I value our friendship.

The most recent birthday gifts are a sunflower done in acrylics, and a stepping stone. The sunflower started out as a Jackson Pollock splatter painting, really, but ended up morphing into a sunflower. I paint mostly with oils, but acrylics are appealing to me. They are so bright! Plus, the birthday girl is an acrylic artist and we’ve talked about getting together to throw some paint. So voila,

Maya’s Sunflower

Sunflower: Maya's, original acrylic painting by Marie Wise

Available as wearable art through Vida Voices collection

Modal Scarf

Vida Voices Sunflower modal scarf by Marie Wise

Tiffany’s Stepping Stone

The stepping stone is one more in my series of garden mosaic experiments. I used muted earth-toned broken tiles this time, as opposed to the bright colors I usually pick. It turned out nice, in my opinion. Wrapping and carrying it to the birthday girl was another story–16 lbs! Here it is:

Custom mosaic artwork by Marie Wise