Sunflowers in October

This sunflower took me longer to paint than it took to go from a seed in the ground to a drooping, aged lady.

Sunflower: original oil painting by Marie WiseFrom May to October she sat patiently only my easel while the background morphed from buff to browns to greens to blues. The greens went from cool to warm to pale to dark. Then there were the yellows and the center. Other paintings started and ended, and the summer came to an end. Finally, finishing her became a priority.

Persistence. I think I have that quality. Like a sunflower that always turns it’s face to the sun.

I hope you enjoy her. She lived in my garden this summer and we harvested the seeds from her to plant next year. Hopefully it will be a better year for sunflowers, because this year, she was one of the very few that we manged to grow, in spite of planting almost 200 seeds. Persistence.

I love sunflowers. If you do too, you will enjoy this gallery of sunflower paintings I collected in the Google Cultural Institute.

Here she is!


2014 | 28 x 36 | oil on canvas | available

Pricing for this artwork, or similar commissioned work available upon request. Please contact the artist.

Sunflower, original oil painting by Marie Wise