Paintings, Mosaics & Glass

Celebrate the unveiling of my mosaics in December 2014!

Sunflower #1, mosaic on wood, 17 x 28
Sunflower #1, mosaic

They’ve never been shown before. You can see them all month at The Broadway Gallery in Longview, Washington! The First Thursday celebration is on December 4 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. >> mark your calendar here.

Are you at all curious as to why this die-hard contemporary realistic oil painter with a passion for the old masters chose to explore mosaics? Blame the old table. 

Old tables with warped tops require resurfacing, and nothing but mosaic would do. That table led to a series of mosaic artworks set into cabinet doors, along with stepping stones, planters and the resulting accumulations of broken tile, china, glass, tools, grout, glue and etcetera. Good thing I have a big studio!

In the process I was fortunate to connect with Peggy Bird, a glass artist and romance writer who splits her time between creating hot romances and warm glass pieces. Imagine that, a writer/artist!

Not only has her glass art has been exhibited in galleries across Washington, the heroines in her novels are glass artists!

Patches of Spring, kiln-formed glass

In the process of creating her kiln-formed glass pieces, she ends up with scraps brightly colored glass, which she gives to me to use in my mosaics. It’s a perfect fusion!

Our show in December is a joint collaboration; her glass and my mosaics. I haven’t had time to create enough mosaic pieces for a whole show (because a girl has to sleep sometimes), so I’ve accented with a few of my paintings.

We’re excited! You are invited. Here’s a sneak peak!

Cat on Blue,  17 x 19
Cat on Blue, mosaic
Cat on Blue Silk, oil on canvas 16 x 16
Cat on Blue, oil.