Eleven Sunflowers, or Twelve?

In honor of the first day of Spring (March 20) I’m sharing my latest painting: Eleven Sunflowers. This painting is my symbol of hope, because spring gives way to summer, and in summer our sunflowers bloom!

Eleven Sunflowers

2015 | oil on canvas | 30 x 40 | collection the artist

Eleven Sunflowers, original oil painting by Marie Wise

Allan and I started this painting, I kid you not, in November 2013. Progress on it continued, in fits and starts,  throughout 2014 and into 2015. Many months it simply sat on the easel, drying and waiting patiently.

My yearly New Year’s Resolution rituals which include finishing up any unfinished paintings, spurred me to finally, finally finish it. Although I applied the finishing layers, it displays many of Allan’s signature techniques. That wispy sky with touches of pink, the fading-into-the-distance hills, and that twisted drooping sunflower on the right are all his. When it comes to perspective, his eye is better than mine.

Thus I present, Eleven Sunflowers. This painting will grace the landing of our stairwell when it’s framed, flanked by the yearly sunflower paintings Allan and I create each year, usually in December. However, we haven’t started on the 2014 version yet. Late again?

Hope persists. We will grow sunflowers this year, and more sunflower paintings will be forthcoming!

Here’s to Spring. Bienvenue à mon ami.