Notre Dame Cathedral Sketches

I had to rework my drawings because the cathedral structure is so complicated.

Marie Wise Artist, thumbnail watercolor study
My commissioned watercolor painting of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, surrounded by the Seine River, is progressing nicely.
As I mentioned in my last post, it’s a big project and I’m giving it my best! This means I had to do a lot of rework on my drawings because the cathedral structure is so complicated, and because perspective has never been my strong suite.

I haven’t done any watercolor work in quite a while, so I needed to get myself back into the flow. I did a little thumbnail painting which you can see above. It showed me how the whole thing works together, and also some areas I need to fix.  Note: this isn’t the final painting!

I also practiced applying frisket, painting over it, and then removing it to make sure I was doing it correctly.

So finally, finally, I have a drawing ready to transfer to the final watercolor paper. I can’t wait to start painting!! My new Escoda watercolor brushes arrived this week too, so I’m excited to start using them.

Final Drawing

Marie Wise Artist, drawing of Notre Dame Cathedral

Masking Practice

Masking fluid (sometimes called frisket) is a tricky beast. To top it off I used frisket film to fill in the center of the cathedral where it would take way to much masking fluid to fill. Then I painted the sky, peeled off the frisket, and practiced filling in the cathedral. It worked!

Marie Wise Artist, practice watercolor maskingTransfer

This is a tracing of the final drawing. I’ll use it to transfer the outlines to the final watercolor paper.

Marie Wise Artist, transfer of Notre Dame CathedralNew Brushes

My new Escoda brushes arrived this week. Good timing! I can’t wait to start using them.

Marie Wise Artist uses Escoda Prado brushes for watercolor painting. More posts about this painting: