Notre Dame Cathedral Final

Voila, my commissioned painting of Notre Dame Cathedral is finished!

On the easel: Notre Dame Cathedral by Marie Wise
On Marie’s easel

My watercolor painting of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, surrounded by the Seine River, is finished at last!

As featured in two previous posts, it has been a big, but fulfilling project for me. I hope the customer likes it!

My most truthful critic (Allan), says it is a good painting. The two little studies aren’t bad either! However, I’ve come to realize my paintings are never singular creations, instead they represent the processing of many experiences. Links to these experiences are listed at the bottom of this post.

This painting revived what I love best about watercolor, which is water. Putting nice watery washes on the paper was therapeutic, as long as I had the willpower to just let it be.

So here it is…..

Notre Dame Cathedral and Seine River

16 x 20, watercolor on paper

Notre Dame Cathedral: the finished watercolor painting by Marie Wise

Preparatory Studies

A study of Notre Dame Cathedral by Marie Wise

A study of Notre Dame Cathedral by Marie Wise

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