New Year’s Resolutions

What are my New Year’s 2016 painting resolutions? Paint more!

Artist Marie Wise with her canine companion: Renoir
Renoir: my painting inspiration!

Well obviously, to paint! But how?

Well obviously, to paint well! But how?

Painting well, like dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or any other skill that requires dedication and study, requires practice.

Imagine; a person has never touched a violin and one day they pick one up and play Mozart’s Violin Concerto #3. Not! It takes years of lessons and practice to do that.

Same with painting. I need to practice and study a lot in order to paint well.

Thus, my 2016 painting resolutions are:

  1. Paint more. As in, more than I painted in 2015.
  2. Prepare meticulously. Practice has taught me what isn’t prepared can’t be fixed with more paint. So plan well and the paint will follow.
  3. Put the paint down and leave it! Don’t treat paint like cake batter that has to be beaten into submission.
  4. Loosen up. The best paintings aren’t blended to death. Good paintings don’t have to mimic reality to be good paintings. Leave some areas unfinished.
  5. Stop being afraid to fail. The only difference between success and failure in life, is those who are successful have failed more. Every failure is a learning experience.

To get started I started my long awaited portrait of Renoir. I’m in the ‘Prepare Meticulously’ phase. This is the basic block in. I can still fix anything that is wrong. But once I start painting, the composition needs to be correct.

Marie Wise blocks in the beginnings of a dog portrait.

Marie & Renoir
Marie & Renoir make New Year’s resolutions to create more art!

Who is Renoir, you ask? My faithful painting companion who’s now 3. He was the subject of my 2014 New Year’s painting resolutions!

He makes sure I get enough exercise, and in return I expect him to accompany me in the painting studio.

He has a hard time with that!