It’s a Dog’s Life!

Monsieur Pierre Auguste Renoir entered our life in January 2013. We fell in love! with a red-haired, puppy breath, whirling bundle of non-stop energy. He didn’t stop moving for about two years. Now he’s three and there are actual chunks of time in which he rests. Yes, he actually lays down and doesn’t move–for a while.

These periods of time have given me some welcome time to paint! As in, paint a portrait of Reni!

2016 | Portrait of Renoir | 24 x 30 | oil on canvas | collection the artistPortrait of Renoir (Golden Retriever)

The background of this portrait morphed several times and finally solidified into the centering of my smiling golden boy in front of a drooping evergreen tree. The evergreen in all its variations grows everywhere in our parts. I can even see large tree from the window of my studio.

I thought about letting Reni put his paw print somewhere on the painting, but he’s a confirmed sloppy water drinker so I can’t think what he would do with oil paint on his paws. So I nixed that idea in lieu of my own signature.

I’ve painted a several pet portraits. Each brushstroke creates joy in my heart.

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