Holiday Gift Giving!

I love to give art gifts any time of year, but especially during the holidays.

Sunflowers for Karina in acrylicThere’s something special about receiving an original painting that can’t be purchased in store. If anyone ever wants to give me one, well don’t be shy!

We had a wonderful holiday season with all our family, albeit on different days and in different locations. Grown children are had to get together so we go with their flow and just enjoy.

Grown children also mean new family members (both human and canine) and new homes! For those with new homes, some wall decor, for those with new canines, a pet portrait, and for those we had the privilege of meeting for the first time, well florals are always in style!

Here are my holiday painting gifts that are now in personal collections! You won’t find them elsewhere on my website because, well they aren’t available. But plenty more are so feel free to surf. Happy Holidays!

Rhododendron for Natalie, 11 x 14, watercolor, framed

Natalie has a new house, with several framed prints of botanical illustrations in the baby’s room. I casually asked if she liked botanical prints, which she does, and voila, the idea was born. Plus, I got to use watercolors in very detailed fashion, which always makes me happy.

Rhododendron botanical illustration in watercolor

Sunflowers for Karina, 9 x 12, acrylic, framed

Karina has a new house too, and it needs some cheerful sunflowers, because since when are sunflowers not cheerful? Besides, Allan said it was a good painting and made me leave it alone because, well I have this obsessive tendency to keep working a painting until it’s overworked.

Sunflowers for Karina in acrylic

Schroeder for Spring, 11 x 14, acrylic, framed

I coudn’t resist painting a portrait of this little guy. He’s full of energy and mischief, and has found a great new home with Spring and Scott. We found a recycled frame in just the right size.

Pet portrait of Schroeder done in acrylic

Poppies for Jenn, 5 x 7, acrylic, framed

A small painting of California poppies, AKA the California State flower, which is where Jenn lives. It’s mounted in a gilded frame that I recycled from a stack of old frames. I love making old frames new again!

Poppies for Jenn in acrylic