Sisters Painting Weekend

Artist sisters spent a weekend painting native Washington plants and enjoying their dogs!

It was the best of times, it was the best of times!

Artist Marie Wise, her sister and dogs

I spent a weekend with my sister in the quintessential Pacific Northwest city of Bellingham, Washington. What a beautiful place! In addition to being to home Western Washington University, it features vintage beer brewing establishments with attached dog parks, artisan bread bakeries on corner lots, loads of farmer’s markets, and running shoe boutiques with shoe brands I’ve never heard of, but that cushion my feet like clouds.

We hiked to a less-traveled beach on Lake Whatcom so the dogs could swim, then spent an afternoon painting the native Washington plants from Polly’s gardens. Here’s our two paintings. We’d have liked to create more, but sadly underestimated the amount of time required to paint just one. Besides, sunburn crept in and we needed refreshment. 

Our Paintings

Marie’s version of the Hollyhocks from Polly’s Garden

12 x 12 | acrylic | private collection

Marie Wise painting

Polly (Miranda’s) Painting of her Native Plants

5 x 7 | acrylic | private collection | Marie helped with this painting ~ thus the dual signature.

Miranda Marie painting