140 N. 4th St., Then & Now

My house portraits are like well worn gloves, polished by time and infused with a gentle touch.

The historic property at 140 North Fourth Street is such a house. Built in the 1920s, with several renovations and landscaping overhauls under its belt, it’s now starting a new chapter.

I painted it for the then owners back in the 1990s. They were having old growth trees removed from the front yard and wanted them preserved in a painting. Their children were young and the painting was completed in July, complete with kids on the doorstep and a patriotic flag.

140 North Fourth Street, Kalama, WA, circa 1990s

watercolor on paper, framed, private collection

Fast forward to 2017 after a major renovation added square footage, a backyard patio, planting beds and a fountain.  In the interim the artist graduated from watercolor to oil painting and all the children grew up and flew the coop, as children tend to do.

The long-time Kalama owner/residents felt it was time for a change and the house went on the market. They contacted me for another portrait, this time to take with them to their new house so they could remember the home they’d lived in for so many years. I dug out my watercolors and worked all the memorable elements into this composition, including the fountain, some rhodies and that majestic maple tree. This painting is the exact same size as the 1990s version.

140 North Fourth Street, Kalama, WA, 2017

watercolor on paper, framed, private collection

Around the same time the first portrait was done, I completed several other watercolor paintings depicting our charming Kalama community.  Some of these places no longer exist. All these paintings have been acquired by private collectors.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

The original Burger Bar

Totem Poles at the Port of Kalama Marine Park

The Old Kalama Cafe Sign