Spring’s Red Poppy

The happily married couple has a beautiful red poppy in their living room. It was a wedding gift from guess who, that artist mother-in-law!

It took a long time to finish this painting. Life, along with little things like sleeping and eating got in the way. But finally, it was finished, delivered and admired. The new couple loves it. So does the artist!

Preliminary Studies

I did a lot of studies of poppies before I painted this large poppy. You can see those poppies here.

Here’s some photos we took when the painting was installed:

Happy couple on left, artist on right.
Happy new owners of Spring’s Red Poppy

Here’s the artist at her easel.

The artist at her easel.

What I learned about Poppies

Remembrance Poppy

The remembrance poppy was inspired by the World War I poem “In Flanders Fields”. Its opening lines refer to the many poppies that were the first flowers to grow in the churned-up earth of soldiers’ graves in Flanders, a region of Belgium.

The poppy is

  • A symbol of Remembrance and hope
  • Worn by millions of people
  • Red because of the natural colour of field poppies