Kalama’s Painterly Charm

I’ve painted Kalama many times over the years.  Consider this a retrospective!

Kalama Burger BarI first met Kalama in 1976. It was a dusty truck stop on Interstate Highway 5, easily overlooked if not for Kalama Cafe’s neon-yellow retro sign-in-the-sky. Passing truckers used it as a mile marker, stopping for a bite along with assorted fishermen and the locals. I thought it was the end of the world.

I was just a kid but I was darned certain I wasn’t going to stay around, so I left for a while. When I came back Kalama hadn’t changed much. What had changed was me. Time has a way of mellowing places, much like it does people. That and hopefully some modernizing.

The once constant across my spectrum of children and houses and jobs and careers and marriages were my pencils and paintbrushes. The little town I vowed I’d never stay in became my inspiration. From totem poles to cityscapes to vintage houses, storefronts and river scenes, this artist has yet to get started!

Here’s a selection of my best paintings from that time. Click through or select a view. Many have already been acquired so don’t delay. I also do commissions.