Plein-air Paintings done in 2011

View from Ecola State Park

2011 | 12 x 16 | oil on canvas | collection of the artist
“Painting together is all about trust. Trust that the other person will make what you’ve done better, not mess it up.” ~ Marie Wise > more 

Just a Little Blackbird

2011 | 5 x 7 | watercolor | available

Camp Kalama Artwalk

2011 | 7 x 10 | watercolor | available
“So there we were, a bunch of artists, not very much unlike that unruly group of Impressionists who back in the 1870’s set out to revolutionize the art world by breaking away from tradition and painting outside from life” ~ Marie Wise > more

Moulton Falls

2011 | 7 x 10 | watercolor | available
“Chores aside and to-do list ignored, we packed up our painting stuff and set off for an adventure, whatever it might bring.” ~ Marie Wise > more

Sunflower from Memory

2011 | 5 x 7 | watercolor | available
“In the spirit of artistic expression (even on boring road trips) I brought my handy lap-painting set and did a little painting of a sunflower from memory after the style of Nina Johansson, a Swedish sketch artist I discovered.” ~ Marie Wise > more

Gorge View

2011 | 5 x 7 | watercolor | available
“While the sunflower was in progress we passed through the Columbia River gorge. Of course, the views passed by our car window at 70 miles per hour, so I had to memorize, then try to recreate it. This small painting is what transpired.” ~ Marie Wise > more

Abstract Floral

2011 | 4 x 6 | watercolor | available
“Long road trips make me crazy. I can’t get anything accomplished. I’d much rather be painting! So for our 4-hour trip to Ellensberg I rigged up a little watercolor lap painting set-up and did these three small paintings.” ~ Marie Wise > more

Scene from Snoqualmie Pass

2011 | 4 x 6 | watercolor | available

Skyscape Over Snoqaulmie Pass

2011 | 4 x 6 | watercolor | available